Enjoying sustainably

Cristal Clear Quality

With CristalClear quality we are setting new quality standards for resource conscious fish consumption.  When selecting land-based fish farms, we use CristalClear criteria for guidance:

  • The fish are raised in crystal clear, biologically cleaned water
  • With a catch date and freshness guarantee
  • Traceability for each single fish
  • Short transportation time and distances
  • Protective of natural resources and the environment
  • No environmental toxins, no antibiotics, no growth promoting agents
  • Fair business relationships with local values
  • Swiss and German animal welfare and quality standards

10 Things we can all do to help protect the oceans:

Die National Geographic Society schlägt zehn Dinge vor, die jeder tun kann, um zur Rettung der Ozeane beizutragen: 

  1. Take the carbon footprint into account
  2. Lower energy use
  3. Selecting fish from reliable, sustainable sources
  4. Using fewer plastic products
  5. Contributing to the protection of beaches
  6. Not purchasing products that exploit marine resources
  7. Supporting businesses that contribute to the protection of the oceans
  8. To change the way of thinking towards community
  9. To travel responsibly on the oceans
  10. To inform oneself about the oceans and life under water 

At nationalgeographic.com you can find more information.


In order to help conserve the environment and the sea, FRESH MERCATO fish come mostly from land-based fish farms with a closed water cycle. They do not have negative impacts on the environment and help to maintain our way of life in a more sustainable manner with a reduced carbon footprint.  Conscious fish consumption is better for everyone - the fishermen, the oceans and for you.