Our fishermen

 Where do I come from,

 where am I swimming?

In Wallis (Switzerland), KASPERSKIAN produces caviar with a worldwide unique method, which allows for continued life of the sturgeons and allows sustainable harvesting of first-class caviar. kasperskian.com

Oona - Real Swiss alpine caviar and sturgeon products from the Topenhaus Frutigen.  Alpine water, fish farming and a tropical garden – a harmonious trio under one roof. oona-caviar.ch

FRESH MERCATO works exclusively with carefully selected fish farms and fishermen that are committed to sustainable production methods. We know exactly where every single fish came from.  

For your good and reliable choice.

All products at FRESH MERCATO can be traced back to their origin at any time. For each fish you will receive the following product information:

  • Origin with product traceability 
  • Date of catch or processing date  
  • Feed and ingredients 
  • Certifications
  • Additional notes

The land-based sea fish farm FRESH Völklingen (Germany) is the world's first and only GLOBAL G.A.P. And FRIENDS OF THE SEA certified sea fish farm that functions independently of the sea > freshcorporation.com

Swiss Alpine Fishgrows salmon in an indoor facility in Lostallo (Switzerland), a beautiful and pristine part of the Misox, the Italian part of Graubünden. swisslachs.ch

Dörig & Brandl AGis our partner for seafood and seasonal supplementary products.  Filleting and shipment for FRESH MERCATO in Switzerland happens in the processing centre in Schlieren (Switzerland). > der-frisch-fisch.ch