FRESH Sea bass, 400-600g, gutted
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FRESH Sea bass, 400-600g, gutted

FRESH Sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) – referred to in France as “Loup de mer” and in Italy as “Branzino” – is valued in top cuisines around the world for its firm meat and gentle aroma. Our sea bass come directly from the FRESH sea fish farm in Völklingen (Germany).

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Next to the gilt-head, sea bass is one of the most loved fish for consumption in Europe. The meat of the FRESH sea bass is firm with small fibres and is easily roasted without falling apart. The skin of the sea bass adds additional flavour to the roasted fish and becomes nice and crispy in the pan or on the grill. Anything that is reminiscent of the Mediterranean origin of the sea bass is well suited for its preparation: tomatoes, olives, eggplant, artichokes and zucchini, aromatic Mediterranean herbs and garlic. Spices and side dishes from the eastern Mediterranean are also a great fit for the firm meta of this fish. Another classic sea bass preparation comes from France: Here the entire fish is served salt-coated with herbs and lemon, together with a variety of sauces and salad – sea bass is always a feast!


Our sea bass come freshly caught from FRESH Völklingen (Germany), the world's first sea fish farm raising high quality sea bass all year round independently from the sea. FRESH fish are grown in crystal clear water that is cleaned biologically in a closed system. FRESH fish do not have any negative impacts on the environment, in contrast with the fish raised in fish farms in the Mediterranean Sea. FRESH fish are guaranteed to be free of antibiotics or undesirable environmental impacts. The regional origin of the fish, together with short transportation distances, reduces the carbon footprint up to 50% and visibly maximizes freshness. Together with FRESH, conscious fish consumption gets even better – more fresh, sustainable and enjoyable.



Per 100g: 528 KJ / 126 Kcal; 4,6g total fat; 21,1g protein; 0% carbohydrates



GLOBAL G.A.P. (GGN 4059883448474)


Shelf life:

At 2 degrees, at least 10 days after catch date


Referred to in France as “Loup de mer” and in Italy as “Branzino,” this FRESH Sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) is valued in top cuisines around the world for its firm meat and gentle aroma.
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